Assist Program

As one of our valued FC Kansas City fans we are asking you to help us “spread the word” and help increase our fan base.  A full stadium provides our team with many advantages and we know the players respond in a very positive manner to a full house.  A full stadium also adds to the game day atmosphere and experience. Our goal is to greatly improve our attendance in 2024 and we are asking if you can help us with referrals.

Our ASSIST program simply rewards you for helping us build our fan base. We have 3 layers:




Slide Tackle Level

Every referral which leads to 1 season ticket sale

Signed Soccer Ball

Diving Header Level

Every referral which leads to 5 season ticket sales

Signed ball & Jersey

Bicycle Kick Level

Every referral which leads to 10 or more season ticket sales

Opportunity to be in the locker room for the team talk prior to a game and a signed ball & jersey

For more information on this program email our Sales Department or call 855.452.4625